Lane and Kelly

To the courageous, selfless woman who will be giving our family the single most precious gift, and helping us to complete our family, from the very depths of our hearts, thank you.
A letter to our expectant mother

We have been blessed with 5 of the greatest little humans. And with each addition to our family, we have felt more complete, because another place in our hearts has been filled. But even with our 5 amazing littles, we still feel a final piece of our heart is missing; a void that we know is meant to be filled by another baby girl.

Only this time will be different from the past. Because we know that our little girl is not meant to come to us in the same way our others have, but she is instead meant to come to our family through adoption.

So we are now embarking on a journey - probably the scariest journey of our lives - that will lead us to our baby girl, and fill that final space in our hearts.

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