Daughter, age 6

Our 6-year-old girl

Our little ray of sunshine! She is the happiest, most enthusiastic child you will ever meet. She radiates love and positivity. And did we mention enthusiasm already?! Because wow, she has A LOT of that. She is a bright light in all of our lives. You Are My Sunshine has always been her lullaby. And for good reason. We love our little S. 

Some facts about S:

  • She is bubbly and full of sunshine. Her energy is contagious. (Yes, we already alluded to this, but she has so much of it, it warrants being repeated)
  • She loves school and wishes she could go every day.
  • She is very affectionate and loves to give out hugs, kisses, and snuggles.
  • She is very helpful. She loves to empty the dishwasher and vacuum, and actually begs us to let her do them, which is wonderful for mom and dad!
  • She absolutely loves babies and has a natural maternal side to her when it comes to helping her younger siblings.
  • She is compassionate and is the first to run to the aide of someone in need.