Kelly, aka "Mom"


Kelly is a practicing attorney and court certified mediator. She has her own legal practice and runs another business on the side, both of which come with the luxury of being run from home. This allows her to control her own schedule so that she can stay at home with our children full- time.

Kelly is the 4 th of 10 children. With 6 younger siblings, she grew up with a baby and/or toddler around during all of her growing up years. So having a big family – and all of the noise and love that came with it – was just a way of life for her.

Some more facts about Kelly:

  • Her heart still not-so-secretly longs to be back in California, where she lived for a couple of years while she attended law school. She misses the beach, living 15 minutes from Disneyland, and never having to worry about driving in the snow.
  • She claims she married her soul mate and best friend, who also happens to be her polar opposite. The fact that he’d rather eat a hotdog than Cadbury mini eggs completely baffles her.
  • She loves to celebrate. Holidays, birthdays, Tuesdays… you name it! If she can make a party out of it, you better believe she’ll be throwing the confetti around!
  • She loves love! And food is her primary love language. The sweeter and richer it is, the deeper the love, in her opinion.
  • She tries to get away with eating chocolate for breakfast… and lunch and dinner. Basically, it courses through her veins.
  • She loves the creative process, and wishes she could be a painter. She even comes from a long line of artists. But she is a right-brained girl stuck in a left-brained girl’s body. But don’t think for one second she lets that stop her! That’s what Bob Ross is for!
  • She loves to sing, and was pretty confident she was going to be the next big pop star all growing up.
  • She dips her Oreos in water. But she doesn’t bother actually pouring the glass. She just sticks them straight under the tap.

Kelly's family

We built our home in the town that Kelly grew up in, and where her parents and several of her siblings also live. The rest of her siblings live within about 15 minutes of us in either direction. Kelly’s family is very close, and we usually see them at least once or twice a week. We get together every Friday and have pizza, and then we often meet up Sunday evenings as well. These get-togethers take place at either Kelly’s parents' home or ours.

Our kids are extremely close to their aunts, uncles, and cousins because of how often they see them. M and S were the first grandchildren on Kelly’s side of the family. There are now a total of 10 grandkids, half of which are our kids.