Lane, aka "Dad"


Lane is a software engineer and has worked at the same company for nearly 9 years. He works from home 3 of the 5 days each week, which allows us more freedom and flexibility with our schedule when it comes to the schedules and activities revolving around the kids. Lane is the 4 th of 6 kids, and is also really close to his family. He is a hard worker, and good at what he does. He also loves playing guitar, working on house projects, and cleaning (he’s a rare gem that way). He is also an incredible father: both loving and protective.

Some other facts about Lane:

  • As a software engineer, he enjoys the creative side of computer programming.
  • He is originally from Southern California, which is where he met Kelly. He followed her when she moved back to Utah and has lived here ever since.
  • He loves music, and will listen to just about any kind. His favorite band is Iron Maiden, but he's also ride or die for Weezer and likes a healthy mix of girl teenage pop, like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. And he feels no shame in admitting that.
  • Sweets are fine as long as they are Hostess. But he prefers Doritos over anything else.
  • On the days he goes into the office, he enjoys listening to audio books during the commute. He may or may not have teared up listening to Rachel Hollis’ book “Girl, Wash your face!”

Lane's family

Lane’s older brother, wife and 3 kids live about a half hour from us. We try to see them as often as our busy schedules permit. He also has another brother that will be moving 2 towns away from us soon. Our kids are ridiculously excited for him to move closer because he is such a fun and playful uncle.

The rest of Lane’s family is in California, but we see his parents and other 3 siblings a handful of times throughout the year when they come and visit us, and then we of course try to go down there to visit as well. We also try to have the kids FaceTime them whenever we think onto it, especially on special occasions.