A letter to expectant mothers

There is so much to be said. And yet words escape us because it is not possible to adequately express what is in our hearts and the immense feelings of love we have for you.

We want you to know that we recognize the tremendous amount of courage and love you are displaying by considering adoption. But we also know that it is a difficult and painful path, full of fear and heartache, even if your heart is telling you that it is the right thing to do.

Because of the personal experiences of some of our immediate family members, we have seen first hand the positive and amazing things that can come from adoption, while also knowing the heartache and sacrifice that comes right along with it. We just want you to know that you are displaying a tremendous amount of selflessness and strength in starting down this path, no matter what your ultimate decision ends up being in regards to adoption.

We hope you will find comfort in knowing that if you were to place your little girl with our family, she would be coming to a safe home that is bursting with love, and a family that is eager to embrace her. While the way she joins our family would be unique to her, her role would not be diminished or less-than in any way. She will be one of us. A place has already been carved out in our hearts for another baby and we are ready to fill that void.

As a family we have talked about, made preparations for, and prayed for this little girl the same way we have with every baby we have welcomed into our family. She would have two older sisters who can't wait to play with her, and three older brothers who already adore her. And as her parents, we will keep her safe, we will protect her, and we will raise her to always know, above everything else, just how deeply she is loved, not only by us, but by you as well, and that that love is unconditional.

We understand that this is not a decision you will make lightly, and that your heart will weigh heavy as you ponder what path is best for both you and your baby girl. We hope you will find the clarity and peace you seek as you weigh your options and make your decision.

All our love and prayers,

Kelly & Lane