A letter to expectant mothers

We have never met, but we want you to know how much we admire you and the tremendous amount of courage and love you are displaying by considering adoption. We can't personally know what you are going through, but we do know that it isn't easy, even if your heart is telling you that it is the right thing to do.

I (Lane) have a younger sister who placed her baby for adoption years ago, and I have been with her during her journey. She adores her birth son, and over the years she has been able to establish a positive relationship with with him and his adoptive family. She has even gone and stayed with the family for a weekend visit. I also have a half sister that my mom placed for adoption before she was married to my dad. I didn’t meet her until I was an adult, but she has become a family friend. We are aware that everyone's story is different, and we have seen first hand the positive and amazing things that come come from adoption, while also knowing the heartache and sacrifice that comes right along with it. We just want you to know that we are in awe of your selflessness and strength in starting down this path, no matter what your ultimate decision ends up being.

We hope you will take comfort in knowing that if you were to place your little girl with us, she would be coming to a home that is bursting with love and is eager to embrace her. While her entrance into our family would be unique to her, her role would not be diminished or less-than in any way. She would be one of us. A place has already been carved out in our hearts for another baby and we are ready to fill that void.

As a family we have talked about, made preparations for, and prayed for this little girl the same way we have with every baby we have welcomed into our family. She would have two older sisters who can't wait to play with her, and three older brothers who already adore her.

She would know how much you love her, too. She would know that she was meant for our family, and would come to learn of your selfless love for her as she grows and becomes old enough to understand such things. As much as you would feel comfortable with it, we would share photos, videos, and letters with you, and invite you to follow our social media accounts. If circumstances permit, we would welcome visits from you, so you can express and share your love for her in person. We know the power that comes from open adoptions and would certainly be open to exploring whatever options you are comfortable with in those regards.

Thank you for looking at our profile and for considering us. If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to us or meet us, please email, text, or call us. We look forward to meeting you and we pray for you continually.

Lane and Kelly