Our Home

Our home

In the spring of 2018, we completed building our new home. We spent 3 years prior to that trying to find the perfect place to build our home and custom designing our floor plan from the ground up.

It was a looooong process and felt like it would never come to an end. We spent countless hours drawing and redrawing our design ideas on graph paper. And although it was a long and tedious process, we had a vision of what we knew our home needed to be. A vision that was not based on physical appearances or a need to “keep up with the Joneses”, but was instead focused on creating a design that would capture a “feeling” we wanted to envelop our home. We had a clear vision of what we wanted people to feel the moment they stepped inside. And an even clearer vision of how we wanted to make our children feel as they grew up behind those doors.

We did not just want to create a shelter from the storm, but we wanted to create a safe haven for our children on every level. A place of refuge from the outside world that keeps them feeling safe and loved at all times. A place where they can be themselves, without judgment or fear, and know that no matter what, they will always be welcomed back inside and embraced with open and eager arms.

We wanted to create a feeling of openness and connectedness, where constant bonding and relationship building could take place. Where unity would abound and a feeling of “togetherness” would be ever present.

We wanted to design each area of our home in such a way that fond memories would naturally occur, reminding them both now, and forever, just how much they are loved.

We wanted our home to create a feeling of acceptance, peace, love, harmony and happiness. Where everyone is welcomed with open arms and gatherings of friends and family would happen frequently. With both of us coming from large families, we knew we needed an open space that would allow us to host family gatherings and get-togethers with ease and comfort. Something that is both a privilege and an honor to be able to do.

And then in addition to working our design around our vision for the “feelings” it would emulate, there was the practical side as well. In spite of us starting the process when we only had 3 little kids, we designed our home with 6 children in mind. Even back then, we knew there were 6 little ones that were meant to come to us in order for our family to be complete.

With 6 kids in mind, we wanted to create a space that would accommodate not only our own large family as they grew up, but also easily allow for family gatherings, holiday festivities, and regular get-togethers when they are all married with kids of their own. Being in a home filled with love and laughter and surrounded by everyone that you love is the epitome of heaven on earth, and we wanted to be sure our home would be our own little piece of heaven.

It was a tall order for a floor plan. And one we were worried would not be possible to achieve. But after a year of being in our new home, we feel like were able to capture that “feeling” we had dreamed of, and look forward to all of the years to come raising our family in this home.

Our neighborhood

Our home is located on just under a half acre of land. We have a large backyard that lends itself well to the playful needs of our kids and their active imaginations.

We live in a newer neighborhood, full of families of similar ages and circumstances to that of our own. The majority of our neighbors attend the same church as we do, so we know many of them on a much more personal level than most. Our neighbors are our friends, and we know that we can call on them anytime if a need ever occurred.