Son, age 3

Our 3-year-old boy

As soon as he was born, we felt instantly connected to him. A bond that cannot be described and that has only grown stronger over the last 3 years. We have never met a more pleasant and content kid in our lives. And even though he is a busy body now that he is older, his spirit still brings a sense of peace and calm into our world. He's ideal in every sense of the word. We really, really love this little boy.

Some facts about G:

  • He is the most loveable and busy little boy.
  • He is funny and goofy and loves to make people laugh.
  • He loves to “help”, which often means slowing down whatever project mom and dad are trying to tackle.
  • He loves trucks, magnets, and things that he can build.
  • He adores his baby brother!
  • He instantly tries to comfort/console anyone who is upset or starts to cry.